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If you are looking for a solution to hiring through an H1B program, consider foreign students in the United States on an F1 VISA. These workers do not need sponsorship in the traditional and burdensome H1B process.

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What is an F1 VISA

An F1 VISA allows a foreign student to enter the U.S. and work while going to school.


F1 Versus H1B VISA

An F1 VISA does not require sponsorship and the costs of an H1B work VISA. The F1 VISA still allows contracted worker to perform full or part time work.


F1 can do any job an H1B can do

The F1 VISA allows the worker to do any job an H1B VISA holder can do.


How does it work

ACERS-ED provides potential workers on a contract basis, aligning the F1 VISA holder with your employment needs.


Paying for the service

Your organization contracts with ACERS-EDand pays an hourly rate to our organization. We provide the payroll and benefits to the F1 student.


Can you contract for short-term projects

Yes. We will provide workers as needed, based on availability in your area of the country. F1 students live throughout the United States.